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First conditional

We use first conditional (If + present, Will+infinitive) to talk about things that might happen, and what the result will be.

It might rain. If it rainsI'll stay at home.

Brother HasBeen likes to watch Italy.

If the match is on TV, he will watch it.

If Italy win, he will be happy.

If they lose, ...


The Thing is exciting.
Brother Ed is excited.

The present participle (boring, frightening, exciting) tells us about a ‘thing’.

The past participle (bored, frightened, excited) says how Brother Ed feels.

Brother Ed is bored.

They go to see “The Thing”.

Is “The Thing” exciting?

Past continuous and past simple

Past continuous can say what we were doing when something happened.

I was typing when the computer crashed.

Brother HasBeen was working in the garden when he found a lamp.

He was cleaning the lamp when...


Past simple.

We can used past simple to talk about things which were once true but which now are not.

A long time ago, Brother HasBeen was young. He was fast. He scored lots of goals. He could tackle, and he never got a yellow or red card.

Now (present simple) he is old. He still loves football and he never misses a game.