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Vocabulary for the World Cup reports

Group games

Thrilling (adj) - Very exciting. It was a thrilling game with lots of goals.

Outstanding (adj) - Very very good. Rooney had an outstanding game and scored nine goals.

Defend (verb) – To try to stop the other team from scoring. Japan defended well and Brazil couldn’t score.

Take command (verb) – Got very strong so the other team could not play well. Brazil took command and scored three more goals.

Settle (verb) – To become happy and play well. Germany settled after 20 minutes and played well.

Attack (verb) – To go forward and try to score. Brazil attacked but could not score.

Suffer (verb) – To have something bad. Ronaldo suffered a bad leg and went to hospital.

Secure (verb) – To make something safe. England secured a place in the last 16.

Squander (verb) – To waste something. France squandered many chances and lost 0-1.

Effort (noun) – Work. Spain put in a lot of effort and scored after ten minutes.

Replace (verb) – To substitute. Lampard replaced Rooney at half time.

Find the net (verb+noun) – Scored. Holland found the net after 23 minutes.

Curl (verb) – To make the ball go in a curve. Messi curled the ball into the net.

Survive (verb) – Was OK although it was hard. Argentina survived a difficult ten minutes.


Last 16 games

Recover (verb) – Got better after a bad time. Italy went a goal down but recovered to win.

Anxious (adj) – Worrying. Russia had an anxious time at the end of the match.

Threaten (verb) – To look like you might hurt someone. Portugal threatened to score but Ronaldo missed.

Bounce back (verb) – To come back from a bad time. Australia were losing but they bounced back to win.

Target (noun) – The goal. Rooney shot from 30 metres but missed the target.

Confirm (verb) – To make it sure. Brazil confirmed their place in the final.

Qualify (verb) – To get into the next stage. Egypt beat Italy and qualified for the last 16.

Campaign (noun) – A series of games when trying to win a tournament. France’s campaign ended when they lost to South Korea.


Last eight games

Press (verb) – Pushed harder. Tried harder to score. Chile pressed for a second goal.