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                                             The Quarter-finals


 Date  Match  Match Report
4 July 2014 France 0-1 Germany 

Germany got to the World Cup semi-final when they beat France.

Hummels scored with a header after 12 minutes.

France were favourites but Germany were the better team and deserved to win.

They play Brazil in the semi-final.


favourites - people thought they would win.

deserved - They were better and it would have been unfair if they lost.

4 July 2014 Brazil 2-1 Colombia

Brazil beat Colombia in a tense game.

Brazil captain Silva scored in the first half and Luiz scored with a sensational free kick in the second half.

Rodríguez got a penalty later on but Brazil hung on to win.

Neymar was carried off with a broken vertebra. He will miss the rest of the World Cup. 

Brazil will play Germany in the semi-final.


tense - very exciting and scary.

sensational - very good.

hung on - managed to stop Colombia from scoring.

vertebra - a bone in the back.

5 July 2014 Argentina 1-0 Belgium

 Belgium were not as good as they have been and they lost by a single goal after eight minutes.

Higuain scored with a tremendous shot.

Argentina play Netherlands in the semi final.


tremendous - very good. amazing

5 July 2014

Netherlands 0-0 Costa Rica

Netherlands won 4-3
on penalties

 Netherlands' Tim Krul was the hero as he saved two penalties. His team has gone through to the semi-final.

The score was nil-nil after 120 minutes but just before the end, Netherlands brought on Krul. 

He had been practicing penalties for days and he made two good saves.


practicing - trying to be better and better.